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Featured Artists

Anne Gillmor Dougan.jpg



Anne’s love of painting began in her childhood during her summers in St. Martins.


Anne and a friend accompanied her friend’s mother on her water color painting trips to the harbor and beaches of St. Martins and West Quaco. Anne soon asked her own mother for paint and paper and so began her attempt to express her love for her surroundings.

Anne’s desire to paint continued and also her desire to continue to learn from other artists. Her instructors include; artists Randolph Nicholson, Robert Perceval, Ray Butler, George Armstrong, Henry Vykvinkel and today her Art Coach Fred Harrison.

With the help and encouragement of good teachers, good friends and family, Anne continues to pursue her childhood dream of capturing the beauty of her home on the Bay of Fundy.

Anita Corbett.jpg



Anita resides in Apohaqui, NB and has always loved art. In 1979 Anita took her first of many art courses and workshops. And, under the direction of Rev. R.H. Nicholson, she learned to work with a variety of mediums.

After taking a break while raising her family, Anita returned to painting in oils under the instruction of George Armstrong of Sussex. During the years Anita pursued her desire to use watercolor she refined her techniques under the instruction from various artists, including; Alice Reed, Henry Vyfvinkel, Mary Nunn, Marg Grothier, Brian Atyeo, Jack Reid and Sussex muralist and Art Coach, Fred Harrison. Lately Anita has been enjoying her art by experimenting with a variety of techniques and mediums. Even venturing into and enjoying stone sculpture thanks to Olive Harwood and Ken Waiwood.

Anita’s art is very much inspired by nature and her mind is constantly creating artistic images from the countryside around her. Anita’s plan is to keep these creative images and capture them on paper, canvas on now also in stone.

Fred Harrison.jpg


Art Coach / Muralist / Sculptor

Fred is many things, but first and foremost an Art Coach.  Fred is known mostly for his murals, but there seems to be no limit to his artistic ability. Fred’s love for New Brunswick is visible in so many ways.

Mural Painter, co-sculptor in bronze with Darren Byers. Art coach at various recreational painting classes.  Fred loves New Brunswick.

Sylvia Colpitts.jpg



Sylvia Colpitts from Sussex, NB, enjoys painting in oils using various colours to capture her landscape and portraits.  She has done some watercolours but prefers painting with oils.

Her work has been shown at the Rothesay’s St. David’s Art Show and also in Sussex at the Trinity Anglican Church Art Show, which is put on by the Sussex Art Club - of which she is a member.

Always having a desire to do artwork, she studied under Tom Acheson, Terri Wade, George Armstrong, Fran Simmons, Ann Balch and presently with Fred Harrison and Andrew Giffin.  Her paintings have gone to Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and England.

Janet Kempster.jpg



Janet started with amateur photography by taking pictures of the flowers in her garden.  She wanted to be able to enjoy them all year long, and has since branched out to other nature pictures as she continues to learn and grow.


You can find Janet and her work on:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Red Bubble

  • Pixels

Image Coming Soon-01.jpg


Artist & Teacher

Theresa is a graduate of The New England School of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts.  She also attended various workshops at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

She has taught for the Saint John Recreation Department, the Quispamsis Recreation Department, New Brunswick Community College, Endeavours Studio, Fredericton and the Charlotte Street Art Centre, Fredericton.

At St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB, she has taught in the Fine Arts Department, world religions and art in the Religious Studies Department and sacred art in the Catholic Studies Department.
She tutors privately in a variety of art mediums.  She resides in St. Martins, New Brunswick.


Rosanna Armstrong.jpg


Artist, Musician & Teacher

Born in NS, Rosanna has lived in California, Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky and Massachusetts before settling in New Brunswick.  She currently teaches music and art at Rosartsky Studio and at Morris Music, Sussex.

Rosanna has an impressive list of achievements including:  First Place ribbons at the 2010 ANE, 2011 ANE, Second Place 2015 ANE, First Place Mixed Media 2016 ANE (plus other First and Second place awards), Chosen Participant Timeraiser 2015.

Rosanna specializes in oils, acrylics and stone carvings with a focus on portraits, landscapes, The Night Sky, any glimpse of the magic of the world, and at times political commentary.  She studied under the late George E. Armstrong (no relation) and has participated in many workshops and various courses.  She is currently under the tutelage of Fred Harrison.  She has participated in several Hospice by the Sea fundraisers in St. Andrews and is currently a member of SJAC, AX, Sussex Arts and Cultural Centre, Sussex Art Club, ArtsLink NB.

Productions/Exhibitions/Publications:  Artist of the Month, SJAC; covers of CD singles and album covers for Runaway Train, Edmonton, Alberta; cover of Captain America comic book; paintings residing in local businesses and various places in Canada, the United States and Germany; participated in many community murals, Bloomin’ Artists Hampton

Rosanna says "Serenity rules surpreme while immersed in creating.  I am open to painting any subject matter, but it must have touched my soul in some way.  In each work, a sense of peace will reach out and find the viewer.  Often I like to create a work that will bring a smile or a laugh.  When a work is commissioned, I spend time with the person to identify and understand how the work the desire touches them."

Mary Lawton.jpg



Blue Butterfly Photography has been born out of a blend of Mary's two passions:  children and photography.  She is a self-taught photographer and is currently the in-house photographer for NWH Modelling & Self Improvement.


Mary can be reached at (506) 650-0103 or
You can find her work on Facebook and Weebly.


Image Coming Soon-01.jpg



Jim has found his niche for copious outpourings of creative inventiveness here in St.Martins, a village

of inspirations. He is originally from Philadelphia, but found his way to the center of the universe with the dedicated aid of his even more creative wife, Kathi.


Along with his abstract-realism, found in the pen and ink drawings he produces,  the same type of reality  can be found in his "Driftwood Creature" collection, elaborating visions of beach found treasures in a myriad of semblances that evoke ones own mental imaginations in a way not contemplated before. He also revels in good storytelling.

kathi at market[3217].jpg



Kathi Dunphy decided to become an artist someday when caught drawing a caricature in class of her nasty grade 8 French teacher, who then proceeded to denigrate and humiliate her in front of her peers. Early influences can indeed inform life directions. She landed in NSCAD in 1967 as the year’s tuition was an astonishing $240.00 at that time. Lovely fun with clay and metals and dabbling in paints and design led to year 2 and focusing on commercial art which was a terrible fit, and with the attention span of the proverbial gnat, off she went into the wide world for decades of creative adventures, liberally sprinkled and splashed with paint…


Until old age began creeping up and she thought it time to get a bit serious about the painting lark…so the last dozen years she has turned out a truckload of watercolors and lately a bunch of acrylics , and thank heavens someone has invented water soluble oils without the fumes, because in the last few months ws oils have become her all time favorite painting medium. With a group of local artists to paint and natter with and the beautiful Bay of Fundy nearby to inspire, what more could any artist desire ?




Jane Leblanc is originally from London, Ontario but has been a resident of St. Martins, NB for 42 years now.  


She is a self-taught photographer who has been practising for over 30 years.


Susan Wall on fundy trail.jpg



“Art has brought me the world!” 

There is no other way I can say how much I love what I do.  I am blessed to be able to have people enjoy what I do as well and am honored and humbled when someone wants to take a piece of my art home.


There is very little that is safe from the mark of my brush.  I love to paint everything from landscapes to animals.  If it speaks to me, it has to be painted. 


I am also blessed to be able to give people an everlasting memento of their living or lost pets.  When I see the joy or their tears, I know I have created something wonderful for them.


My artwork has sold internationally including places such as England, Germany, Antigua, and all across Canada.


Thankful and blessed is not enough to describe how I feel, but I am.


Rita Toth.jpg



Rita grew up in rural Saskatchewan with the love of art and the simple beauty of nature surrounding her. She started painting with very small, fine bushes and oil paints that she purchased from the money she made helping her brother on the farm. Instead of paper or canvas, she painted on whatever she found in nature (dried paper bark and snail shells). She breathed life into her precious works of art with 4 Hairs and Oil Paint. It is amazing to see precision art designs on such small canvases.


Rita’s love of color and nature pushed her to expand her talents into larger art pieces with a focus on nature and scenery, now painted on canvas. She escapes into her landscape views for hours while creating these beautiful works of art. She started with scenes from Canada based on photographs taken as she explored our beautiful Canada.


More recently Rita is breathing life into her art inspired by photos taken from her children’s world travels. Her painting includes depictions of Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Easter Island.  Her love of nature and nature’s living creatures is expressed by her precision to detail in every brush stroke. Her art is vibrant, full of life and energy and loved by all who experience them. This is most likely because each painting is brought to life by Rita’s energy and love.


Rita lives in rural Chilliwack, British Columbia what and who she loves. She keeps her camera handy so as not to miss the opportunity for her next inspiration. When not painting, she spends as much time as she can with her adoring and supportive husband, any of her five children and her grandchildren.



Multi-Medium Artist

Shannon is a multi-medium nature artist with a love for whimsical surreal color.

She is a 3rd generation military brat from all over the world and Canada. She was born in Lahr Germany and spent most of her childhood between Europe and Alberta.

Shannon currently works in Grand Barachois, NB creating her Art and fine seasonal crafts 24/7. She creates with movement, texture, light and colour. Colour moves her in a ways she is unable to describe so she tries to recreate the feeling it gives her.

With every piece Shannon tries to capture the vibrant colours as the feelings that nature inspires in her. She focuses on the more vivid colours in the natural world which is why she calls her art surreal realism. Her preferred mediums are acrylic paint, textured acrylic, pencil, pen, along with some graphic art. Most of her work is focused on water, aquatic wildlife, and birds, but she loves to garden so she paints some flowers once every now and then too. She wants to inspire in others the feelings nature and colours inspire in her.

Visit Shannon Beers Art on Facebook to see Shannon's work!



Nancy Hart.jpg



Nancy Hart is a long term Quispamsis area resident. She was born in Charlotte County and grew up in St. George N.B.  Nancy is married and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Nancy's inspiration comes from her mother, a florist, who taught her colour, design, shapes and eye appeal.  Starting out in oil painting in 1968, her portfolio has since grown to include watercolours and acrylics. Over the years she has attended classes by Carol Taylor, Robert Percival and others.

Nancy's main interest is nature. She enjoys seeing the canvas come alive. She has participated in group and juried exhibitions, with her paintings selling across Canada and is an active member of the Saint John Art Club.




Bios Coming Soon

We have several additional artists we feature here at the gallery, including:

  • Brittany Brubaker

  • Ann Clayton

  • Julianna Clark

Meet the talented emerging and established artists whose creations you will find proudly displayed in our gallery.



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