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Shannon Beers

Multi-Medium Artist

Shannon is a multi-medium nature artist with a love for whimsical surreal color.

She is a 3rd generation military brat from all over the world and Canada. She was born in Lahr Germany and spent most of her childhood between Europe and Alberta.

Shannon currently works in Grand Barachois, NB creating her Art and fine seasonal crafts 24/7. She creates with movement, texture, light and colour. Colour moves her in a ways she is unable to describe so she tries to recreate the feeling it gives her.

With every piece Shannon tries to capture the vibrant colours as the feelings that nature inspires in her. She focuses on the more vivid colours in the natural world which is why she calls her art surreal realism. Her preferred mediums are acrylic paint, textured acrylic, pencil, pen, along with some graphic art. Most of her work is focused on water, aquatic wildlife, and birds, but she loves to garden so she paints some flowers once every now and then too. She wants to inspire in others the feelings nature and colours inspire in her.

Visit Shannon Beers Art on Facebook to see Shannon's work!

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